Soft Second Loan

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If you are selling your home and bought it with either a SoftSecond or ONE Mortgage loan, these are the steps you need to take to satisfy your loan requirements. SoftSecond Loan Program: If you bought your home with a SoftSecond loan, your first and second mortgages are owned by your lender.

The result of that collaboration was the Soft Second, or "SoftSecond," Loan Program, which had a two-mortgage structure. By 2013, the SoftSecond loan program had helped more than 21,000 families purchase their first home, with more than $2.6 billion in private mortgage financing.

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Chenoa Fund is provided through cbc mortgage agency (CBCMA), a federally chartered government agency. CBCMA’s mission is to increase affordable and sustainable homeownership, specifically for creditworthy, low and moderate-income individuals. CBCMA partners with quality mortgage lenders on a Correspondent basis.

For Massachusetts first-time homebuyers, the Soft Second Loan Program offers a way to boost their purchasing power by as much as 25.

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A Soft Second Loan of 20% of the purchase price up to $30,000. Up to $5,000 for Closing Costs for a total of up to $35,000. Terms of the Soft Second Loan. Repayment of the principal amount of the soft second loan shall be deferred until the loan is extinguished upon sale or refinance.

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A second mortgage is a separate loan that stands alone from a primary mortgage on the property. The second mortgage is also secured by the property but is subordinate to the first mortgage.

Soft second mortgage, is a second mortgage with payments that are forgiven, deferred, or subsidized in some fashion, generally until resale of the mortgaged property. Example, a home for sale for $100K, you qualify for $50K, a second mortgage is granted, based on you remaining in the home for a certain number of years, making timely, payments.

DPA "SOFT SECOND" MORTGAGES A "soft second" is a type of second, subordinate mortgage loan that is used to cover down payment and closing costs. The soft second has a deferred payment schedule in which the borrowers do not have to