Secondary Financing Definition

For example, if the volume of transactions between a foreign financial institution and Iran are significant enough, that foreign financial institution risks being designated pursuant to one of the legal authorities authorizing the use secondary sanctions.

Lenders must disclose the existence of subordinate financing and the subordinate financing repayment terms to Fannie Mae, the appraiser, and the mortgage insurer. If a first mortgage is subject to subordinate financing, the lender must calculate the LTV, CLTV, and HCLTV ratios.

Secondary Finance synonyms, Secondary Finance pronunciation, Secondary Finance translation, English dictionary definition of Secondary Finance. n. A mortgage taken out on property that already has one mortgage, with priority in settlement of claims given to the earlier mortgage. n a mortgage.

A Brief Explanation of Secondary Funds | Definition. A secondary fund is a partnership that specializes in acquiring assets and securities through the secondary market, rather than the primary market.. Secondary Funds glossary, Secondary Funds buyout, Secondary Funds finance, Secondary Funds.

Overall survival, a secondary endpoint. may not meet the definition of unusual or non-recurring items. Other companies may define these measures in different ways. The following categories of items.

whereas the definition of SMEs (hereinafter the SME definition’) is referred to in approximately 100 EU legal acts, primarily in the areas of competition policy, financial market. such as in the.

What is CONFORMING LOAN? What does CONFORMING LOAN mean? CONFORMING LOAN meaning & explanation Under this definition, a loan rated BB+ that has a spread of LIBOR+75 would qualify. The first was a more active secondary trading market, which sprung up to.

Secondary financing financial definition of secondary financing – Although most people believe secondary financing is easily obtained in today’s market, the developer must have real experience, like Cape Advisors, and the project must be well conceived and properly designed.

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Subordinate financing that does not fully amortize under a level monthly payment plan where the maturity or balloon payment date is less than five years after the note date of the new first mortgage (with the exception of employer subordinate financing that has deferred payments).

Definition of secondary financing: A junior mortgage placed on property to help finance the purchase price. Most government loan programs, like FHA or.

Definition of secondary financing: Second-mortgage loan on an asset or property over which the first-mortgage takes precedence.